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Pipeline-type ultrasonic degrading equipment

Model No.︰TOSO-JJ-100
Brand Name︰AICO
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 23800 / pc
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

The equipment can be designed according to the user's site conditions and the user's own equipment, and the new technology can be used to deal with the current severe environmental problems. To a certain extent, it improves the existing degradation equipment and water treatment effect, shortens the processing time in large-scale industrial use, saves the original equipment configuration, and improves the treatment effect. The equipment can be used alone or combined with existing equipment.

Scope of application:

All kinds of refractory high concentration organic matter, environmental protection treatment and recycling of toxic wastewater, etc. Through this treatment, the refractory organic matter can be easily degraded or even completely degraded, and the toxicity of toxic wastewater can be greatly reduced or even non-toxic.

Material and structure:

* Thickened stainless steel SUS304/2.0, SUS316L/2.0, acid and alkali resistance, beautiful and durable

* High Q piezoelectric crystal transducer with strong ultrasonic power

* With timing function, 0-99 hours, can set the working rhythm freely, with independent switch, can work intermittently.

* External control device, with electronic control box or PLC control, easy to automate

Technical specifications:

Working frequency: 16KHz, 20KHz, 25KHz, 40KHz, 80KHz, 120KHz, 170KHz,

250KHz, 300KHz, 350KHz, 400KHz, 500KHz, 600KHz, 850KHz,

Ultrasound power: 100W-24000W

Device Size: Customized by Shape, No Size Restriction

Power supply: 220/380+10V, 50HZ

Product Image

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