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Bilateral Pipeline Air-tight Water Leak Detection Test Bench-AICO

  • Bilateral Pipeline Air-tight Water Leak Detection Test Bench-AICO
  • Bilateral Pipeline Air-tight Water Leak Detection Test Bench-AICO
Model No.︰AICO-2500
Brand Name︰AICO
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Air-tightness leak detection test bench for air-conditioning pipes is used to test the air-tightness of various fittings and chambers. It is convenient to check whether the product has sealing defects. It can be used by a single machine. It can also design professional pipeline and automatic detection line to cooperate with production.



Technical specifications of air-tight leak detector for air-conditioning pipes:

1. The groove body is made of SUS304/2mm stainless steel from POSCO, Korea.

2. Net size of the experimental tank: 2400 *1000 *500 mm (length *width *height)

3. Workpiece Basket (2 sets): 1 400*910*210 mm bearing, 2 cylinders

4. Number of single test: 6/time/side air-tight test ports are designed to be 6 (adjustable according to requirements, 8 interfaces for this station)

5. The timer adopts Delicious brand and is set arbitrarily from 1 second to 99 hours.

6. Test pressure: 0-16MPa (other parameters can be selected according to need)

7. Medium: Compressed air, nitrogen or other inert gases

8. Diameter of test sample: transfer according to user's pipe fittings interface

9. Bottom Universal Wheel Form, Easy to Move or Fix

10. The outlet water is located on the opposite side or side of the equipment for easy management and drainage.

11. Power supply: 220 +10V 50HZ


Characteristics of air-tight leak detector for air-conditioning pipe:

* Thickened stainless steel, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, beautiful and durable

* Unique design, easy to use, flexible to move, easy to operate

* Equipped with counter and timing system, it is convenient to count the output of single machine every day.


* Compatible with the detection design of long and short tubes, it can be used on both sides simultaneously when detecting short tubes, and it can be used on one side when detecting about 2 meters long tubes.

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