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Nanjing Aico Toso Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company established according to the modern enterprise system. It consists of cleaning equipment division, cleaning agent division and power supply product division.

Cleaning Equipment Division: We can provide all kinds of professional cleaning equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaner, ultrasonic vibration plate, mesh belt spray cleaning equipment, double-sided ultrasonic cleaner, cryogenic/constant temperature ultrasonic cleaning system and so on. We also provide special multi-sided and multi-band ultrasonic equipment, high and low frequency ultrasonic cleaning experimental equipment and ultrasonic chemical reaction equipment for laboratories and research units. In addition, the cleaning process can be improved by all kinds of high-efficiency environmental-friendly cleaning agent products supporting enterprises provided by the cleaning agent business department.

Cleaner Division: Specializing in providing various ultrasonic environmental cleaning agents, such as ultrasonic aluminium cleaning agent, ultrasonic stainless steel cleaning agent, ultrasonic copper cleaning agent, ultrasonic metal cleaning agent, and various equipment cleaning agents, environmental hydrocarbon cleaning agent and other environmental solvent cleaning agents, such as improved non-flammable and non-explosive solvent cleaning agent instead of gasoline, environmental protection paint removal agent. Paste can replace toxic and harmful paint remover, as well as black liquor, welding promoter and so on.

Power Supply Division: Provide various AC regulated power supply, AC purified regulated power supply, DC regulated current stabilized power supply, UPS uninterrupted power supply, EPS emergency power supply, high-power DC aging power supply, frequency conversion power supply, DC switching power supply, high-frequency switching power supply, program-controlled power supply, multi-functional DC power supply, pulse power supply, high-frequency ultrasonic power supply, various storage battery and other energy storage devices. Solar photovoltaic power supply, charging power supply and other products.

The series of products we provide are all manufactured with famous brand electronic components and raw materials, especially on large non-standard equipment, PLC, touch screen and other components, such as ultrasonic cleaning vacuum drying equipment for large die casting, automatic spray cleaning machine for copper parts, automatic ultrasonic cleaning and drying equipment for copper ceramic sheets, automatic mechanical arm testing probe, etc. Sound wave cleaning and drying equipment, etc.  

Our products are widely used in electronics, machinery, automobiles, aviation, national defense weapons, clocks and watches, glass, chemical fibers, optics, jewelry, bearings and other industries.

Our customers are: China Electronic Technology Group, Nanjing 55, Nanjing 3304 Factory, Nanjing 28, Hefei 43, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Protection, Nanjing University, Nanjing Polytechnic University, Southeast University, Nanjing Jinning Company, Nanjing Sanle Group, Panda Electronics Group, Nanjing Puzhen Vehicle Factory, Nanjing LG Group, Nanjing Jiangbei Railway, Mabo S Company, Dongmu Powder, Electrical Alloy Stock, Zhongjiang Keyi, China North Bus Tangshan Bus, etc.

We hope to create a better tomorrow with our high-quality products, sincere service and dedicated service to new and old customers.


  • 1st Floor, Dingshan Pioneer Park, No. 38 Yaowa, Dingshan Street, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
  • 210031
  • 86-25-52995037
  • 86-25-86597303
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